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Blog Series: Local Makers

It has been eight months since we took ownership of the Raven & Rose Boutique. In that time, we have discovered a lot about what our customers want. When a local maker decides to sell their product to our boutique, we make a point to promote them in a way that supports their small business, as well as ours. If you follow us on social media, you know we love to promote our local makers in hopes that you will someday buy from them directly. If a local maker becomes too busy to sell to our boutique, then we feel like we've done our job! We will be featuring local creators we work with in this blog series. More coming soon!

Rhapso Needle - You can find Bella's work on Instagram and Etsy!

QiQi Naturals - You can find Kiki's products on Instagram and on her website!

Kreated by Kleist - You can find Megan's products on Instagram and on Etsy!

Body Love Organics - You can find Tippy's products on Instagram and on Etsy!

Twin Ravens Press - You can find their work on Instagram and on their website! They also make our business cards!

Forest Floor Creations - You can find Jenna's work on Instagram and on her website!

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